Friday, July 22, 2011

How Bout It?

A fambly reunion where she is surrounded by LOVE

                                                                        plus some from the one below
We miss you so, Nini!

Hey, look....

Haley's Comet!

If I Could Turn Back Time...

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY to my Angel Mama

                                                   ♥♥♥♥♥LINDA LOUISE LEE McALPIN
those hands that worked so hard for so long, that jingle from the mass of silver on your arm, the ting of your rings when you pointed or clapped, your sticky out toofer, your laugh, your sense of humor, your undying and unconditional LOVE of your 5 babies, your White Shoulders scent that you never seemed to lose, your garden and how you tended it, how you fed anyone and anything that came around, your mind that produced unbelieveable artwork and ideas and contraptions and structures and some of the best jokes and voices I've ever heard in my life, your ice cold Cokes that you would ALWAYS share whether you wanted to or not AND the Revlon Frosted Brownie lipstick residue left behind on that Coke can that I can still taste to this day (cause you would share, yes, but never did I get the first guzzle...that was ALL YOU!), talking to you on the phone everyday of my life a million times a day giving me updates on what was happening in the world, and the stories you read over the phone to your grandbabies that you loved so hard and they KNEW it (still do), all the advice you gave whether we wanted it or not, your recipe lingo (ex. "a finger of oil" or "an inch of vinegar"), I could sit here all day and write about you and tell stories about you and sometimes that's all I really want to do. I LOVE YOU. Your 5 BABIES LOVE YOU and MISS YOU every single day.  You gave all of you all of the time. And even though it hurts like nothing I've ever experienced to have you gone I thank you for leaving behind 4 of the most amazing people I could've ever known. Thank you for my beautiful siblings. Thank you for taking care of them and loving them and including me in their lives and keeping all of us close and in love no matter what. I treasure them and I need them more than ever.  I know if you read this you would be bawling as am I but you would be proud that we all love you so much and think of you so much and love EACH OTHER so much. You did was ALL YOU. I love you, Mama. Happy Birthday to my one and only. ♥

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Words of George

"If we lazygag with our classwork our recess is shorter."

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Table prep for Mama's ashes

My sisters both decorated this table so we could all place our mama's ashes in a Coke bottle (per her request). They did an amazing job...more pics to come. Thank you for all of your work, my two beautiful sisters. I love you with all my HEART.

Mourning Dove

 Pike's givin my babies a boost so they can try to spy a mama and her babies....

do you see her? she sitting on those babies of hers to keep em nice and warm. what a good mama.

Scooter Time in OH

 The kids got to spend the day with my Dad and his wife, Nancy, and their day ended with their first Scooter ride...they had the time of their lives! Neither one wanted it to end. THANKS, D&N!!!

Mama style


George's favorite activity....

George's favorite guy to share his fave activity...UNCLE PIKE!


 Matilda's favorite thing to do...
And Matilda's fave person to do her fave activity with....POP!

My big handsome man

They wanted a sleepover

G horsin around after 5K

5K day

Bun-Bun tongue

G's 1st time riding a 2 wheeler

neighbor (Ted) teaches G
G takes off on his own

G gets his own bike ridin posse


I know it's cool to post your I thought I'd do it too. My brek: so proud am I.

Billy Cyrus's long lost boy

Doin what he loves best

Flag Football

Easter Festivities

 Egg decorating
 Egg Hunting
Crying peep eating....cause they were hungry after all that decorating and hunting.