Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Morning

George (after I've made cinnamon rolls and later asked him to pick up his shoes): "Why is it that everytime we have cinnamon rolls we have to clean stuff?"

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bored but clever

Matilda was bored one day after getting all her homework done so she quietly dumped out
her Halloween/Valentine stash and made her own Sodoku.

Holding Hands

They love each other so much. And that's one of the best things a mama could hope for.....

While the boys were away.....

This girl LOVES beads, tiny collectables, so I surprised her with these! JACKPOT!
 Later that night we watched Wizard of Oz (2nd time for her but 1st time not asking to turn it off)
 A little stroll at the mall, window shopping but never stopping to buy and a slice of pie. She was happy.
 I made a little Carnival Duck playland for MW with a tub of water that was meant to be a much more inviting shade of aqua, sort of reminiscent of a pool but I was a little heavy-handed with the green dye and I ended up with an Emerald pool of water. But fun nonetheless.
 Then it got real tired after her Flag Football game and we napped tasty for me! I love that thing all cozy and warm next to me.

Why? Why are these sold in stores? Even 2 to choose from. WRONG!