Thursday, March 31, 2011


 bagging my loot....
Wearing her Employee Name tag

Matilda and I took a Nature walk...

about to embark

headin out

pics of silly erasers

Filled with fun...that was our walk.

First day back from Hawaii and tryin to stay home

George, dressed and ready for his first day back after missing a week for a Hawaiian vacay, lingers on the stairs. I look up at him, he says: "You know there is a thing called Airplane Sick?'  I continue to look at him from the bottom of the stairs.
G: "Mama, there is a thing called Airplane Sick and ....I'm sorry but..."  
me: "But, what?"
G: "But...(smiling very big)" 
me: smiling right back...."Oh, you will be going to school today, my friend."
G: smiling bigger than ever now "There IS a thing called Airplane Sick, mama."
me: "Yes, and you don't have it, put on your socks."

He went to school and loved every minute of it.

G in Hawaii

George and his Pop went to Hawaii for 9 days and while away he lost HIS VERY FIRST TOOTH!  George called me from Hawaii and told he that he was 'saving his tooth for me to see' AND he would put his tooth under his pillow at home expecting 'extra credit' from the Tooth Fairy due to the fact he'd lost it in Hawaii. Hmmmmm, I was not aware of this rule but thanks for the update.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

G quote:

"I think I have about 26 legs of that"  (or one could say you have 26 FEET of that)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

George driving home from Flag Football with his Pop....he says,

"Papa, why are those Bress Cancer ribbons on all the cars and they are different colors?"
P: "Well, because they make people aware of other kinds of Cancer. What kind of Cancer did Nini have?"
G: (somberly) "The Dying kind."

Breaks my ♥. I miss you, Mama. We all miss you. xoxoxoxo

Friday, March 11, 2011

Big kids, huh?

G quote

"Mama, I need to stay away from her (little blonde number in his Kindergarten class) because if she shows me bad things then I just might want to do I just TRY to stay away. But, she WON'T leave me alone, she just keeps following me. I go here and she goes here and I go there and so does she. So finally, I just moved behind someone else in line and guess what, mama? SO DID SHE....Eye Eye Yotta"

Thursday, March 10, 2011

2 Sleepy Chickens

George Built a 'Moss Garden'

Leftover frosting makes you do crazy things...

rice krispy treats under there

Moss makes me so happy

Just look at this...Jeff took this pic while he was in Hawaii. That moss really wants to grow and be happy.

Kindergarten Valentine Party

Check out this feast for the eyes and belly....this was G's snack from his Valentine's festivus.....someone brought in individual servings of Dunkin D's hash browns.  Just looking at this gives me indigestion. Burp.

Handmade Yum Yums...we had some sisterly fun.

Look at that beauty sporting some edible glitter. Yes, yes it is. A prezzie from my sisters. So fab!
Monkies in LOVE.
Mona's mermaid getting a little wave action.

Hee-Haw! Donkies rule, especially at Valentine's time.

Just quackin atop my Leopard cupcake holder....another rad prezzie from my sisters.

check that frosting color....hey, now!

Giraffes all twitterpated with their lime green tastiness and their zebra cupcake holder.

Love this one.

Love this color of purp. Turns your tongue a fantastic shade.