Thursday, March 31, 2011

First day back from Hawaii and tryin to stay home

George, dressed and ready for his first day back after missing a week for a Hawaiian vacay, lingers on the stairs. I look up at him, he says: "You know there is a thing called Airplane Sick?'  I continue to look at him from the bottom of the stairs.
G: "Mama, there is a thing called Airplane Sick and ....I'm sorry but..."  
me: "But, what?"
G: "But...(smiling very big)" 
me: smiling right back...."Oh, you will be going to school today, my friend."
G: smiling bigger than ever now "There IS a thing called Airplane Sick, mama."
me: "Yes, and you don't have it, put on your socks."

He went to school and loved every minute of it.

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