Sunday, February 5, 2012

BEST movie ever in the world. I mean it. BEST EVER!!!

I miss these two

Spied these at the Dollar Tree

Better hurry, looks like they are flyin off the shelf in these parts.

Sopranos and Coffee

Great start to my day

Speaking of George...

George asked me for some 'brekbist' this morning. I asked him what he wanted and he said, "I don't really know, just some brekbist food, I guess."

George's library picks

Yep. He rules

Thank you, Uncle Ralph!

Eyelash Begonia blooms

low battery


My girl loves me

This is me with a frozen pack on my head (had a migraine) and I think I may be doing an impression of Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump but either kids art makes me smile.

It's FEBRUARY, let yer love flow.

heart charm bracelet

Friggin PANDAS!!!

George says...

 So, I overheard George and Matilda playing with their Pop this morning and they were wrestling and doing the things a Pop does with his stuff. And  George said, "Ok, let's have a 'streem hard level."  They did and I'm pretty sure G got his neck sat on by his Pop's elbow, seems pretty streem to me. Like I said, fun stuff with Pop.


Thanks for reading my blog!

Serious Italian food. No joke.

Incredibly good! I miss it.
Thanks for takin me, Lou!!!

Best Barrista in Philly lives at BENNA'S on South Eighth Street, South Philly

Sister Nap...well, only one napped. Can you tell which one?

Good morning, Glory! (so orig, I know)

This is us waiting for our brek at Morning Glory.

 Supa COOL coffee cups and ambiance
 That is a biscuit! come on!!!
These two were workin it out. 

One of the very best breakfasts I've even had the pleasure of eating. Wow. Good peeps and good eats. Nothin better.

Pre Brekki photoshoot


Thank you Frangelli's and thank you my sweet sisters for sharing in this sweetness

Hey, Memphis Taproom! We heart you and your fried pickles.

 three sisters

 Mona got a Southern fried delis dish
veggie burger and fries

Thank you, Kevin!! You rule

This girl has been working hard....

to show her buttcrack and make kombucha or whatever it's called.
she did a great job, right?

Three Sisters!