Friday, March 11, 2011

G quote

"Mama, I need to stay away from her (little blonde number in his Kindergarten class) because if she shows me bad things then I just might want to do I just TRY to stay away. But, she WON'T leave me alone, she just keeps following me. I go here and she goes here and I go there and so does she. So finally, I just moved behind someone else in line and guess what, mama? SO DID SHE....Eye Eye Yotta"


  1. eye eye yotta...... what happened? what is the girl doing? should i come give her a knuckle sandwich?

  2. Straigt the the moon! He's trying so hard to be good, he's gonna have to look out for those little blonde numbers for the rest of his life, I tell ya!

  3. Eye eye yotta! Right in the kisser. She just really wants to be friends with G and G knows shes bad with a capital B and knows to stay away from her bad influences....but it's hard sometimes, ya know?