Wednesday, January 25, 2012


We recently got a MAJOR visit from the good ole Norwalk Virus (google it) and it ain't pretty.  George brought it home for us. Friday 6pm....

 Then a little later.....8pm say, my poor boy looked at me and said, "Mama I'm sick of being sick already and I know I have a long way to go." and promptly slipped into a mini nap right in front of the toilet.
He put in his 24hrs of bugs and yuck and then got to indulge in a full 12 hrs of sleep. Goodness sakes!

p.s. I am NOT responsible for the Hogs Breath t-shirt in toilet pic.


  1. you are SO respsonsible for that tee, that is all you.
    poor widdle boodoos, being sick like that sucks the worst. yucks.

  2. ugh what a nightmare! i had that bug. so hard to squash.