Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Eve

 Cashman Relish Tray

 New tradition...CRACKERS!!!!
 Cookies for a lot.


  1. oh man this looks fun. and yummy. and i wish i was eating all these things now, right now now now now.
    new edition...crackers? ... like you added crackers to the party? or are crackers a thing?
    those photos of your kids laughing are so insanely cute, i can't stand it.

  2. i have a question santa... what was the question? whats a oodles? you're such a good mamma! look at all those chopped fruits&veg!

  3. Oodles is our House Elf that comes to visit us and he reports back to Santa what is going on in the house (good/bad) and the kids add on to their list when I'm not looking, too. NOT GOOD. But Oodles leaves each night, flies to the NP and then returns in a diff spot and the kids have to find them. Good times all around.

  4. Lou- Crackers are a British tradish (you like how I rhymed there?) and I love them. You pull the ends of this rolled up paper deal and paper hats and little plastic toys fly out. We are all in love! New Tradish for the Cash house.